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With over 20 years experience, Repairmend team is now offering computer and mobile use tuitions offering class from as only £20.0 per hour.

What Else? We Have The Best Support Around

New technology can be really daunting. Professional tutor with 6 year experience using Apple products. 20 year experience using Microsoft Windows (PC).

We will visit you and help you with your devices and their management and answer any questions. We will work at your speed so you can understand what you are doing and be able to do it again without our presence. We can make notes and make a work plan just for you. If you like we can meet at any location you choose in London.

  • Remember – there is no stupid questions!
  • Make the most of the investment and improve productivity.
  • Training from basic to intermediate level.
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Computing Tuitions

We can work around questions you would like to learn.

There are so many things we could go true, like:

  • Work on how to open and send emails (or make one);
  • Do I need iCloud, what is it and how can I use it;
  • How to backup files and keep them safe. (Photos, contact numbers);
  • How to use internet, find information, download and store it;
  • What is Apple ID? and why you should have one;
  • How to locate your device with Find my iPhone;
  • How to make notes, documents, edit pictures, print them out, send them to others;
  • Reading books, listening music, watch TV shows, movies. play BINGO.
  • How to make free video calls*
  • What is Apple Pay?
  • How to improve battery life;
  • How to take Photos, record Videos and edit them;
  • iPad basics and how to use it;
  • How to use iTunes;
  • iPhone basic;
  • Computer (Mac) basics and helpful tips;
  • What is Apple Watch?
  • Pages, Numbers, Keynotes (Word, Excel, PowerPoint);

computer lessons





how to use iphone

  • Calendar;
  • iMessage and FaceTime;
  • What are apps, what is App Store;
  • Accessories you could use with your device;
  • How to send text messages;
  • What is IOS 9.2 what is OS X;
  • How to draw with iPad;
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