Custom Built Computers London

Custom Built PCs to Your Needs

RepairMend is experienced in building custom computers to fulfill your specific requirements using quality, stable components at competitive price.  Our custom PCs are built to last.

Either you are a home user, business client, professional gamer or artists specialists such as a photo and video editor

We can build a PC for you – really no matter what your specific requirements are we can make sure you get the best machine to match your use of your computer.

In conjunction with you we determine the software that you need.  We will ensure that we don’t clutter and slow down your PC with unwanted programs.

You will be dealing with the same custom PC builder during the consultation and build process.

You will also be dealing with the same custom PC builder for any support that you may require.

We are experienced PC builders and we can provide references from past clients who attest to his expertise and approachable manner.

Why Are We The Best?

Our mission is to deliver the best and quickest services at affordable price to our clients.
Receiving satisfactory service is the prominent right of anyone, that is our philosophy to reserve this right in our relationship with our clients.
Honest, Fast, High quality, Respectful and affordable service our support as well as long term professional relationship.

Custom Computers Have the Following Advantages:

  • Save yourself time and hassle in trying to choose between the mass-manufactured PCs on the market.
  • You can be assured that your machine has quality stable hardware components and configuration.
  • You won’t be paying for software/hardware that you don’t need or want.
  • Your machine won’t be slowed down by space hungry software that you won’t use.
  • You will be paying for a machine that will speedily do what you want it to do.

Every Day Custom Build PCs for Home-Users and Students

For students and home-users we can build a PC ensuring that you get the best value for money for your specific needs.  We expect you will need a PC for emailing, internet-browsing, document-typing, banking and storing photos, music and videos etc.

Custom PCs for Small and Medium Businesses

Stability and durability are usually the most important requirements for business computers.

Bearing this in mind together with your budget we will select components to match the high workload and longevity of use that is needed for business machines.

Custom Built Gaming PC

Custom built gaming PCs require large processors and lots of memory to handle the workout that gamers give their computers.

We know most gamers are pretty computer savvy and have a good idea on what they need for their precious gaming machines.  This usually means a quick consultation of needs and the build of the ideal custom gaming computer.  Custom gaming pcs often including high performance components such as overclocked processes and liquid cooling.

Custom Built PCs for Photo and Video Editing Businesses

Processing speed and storage space are major requirements for these top-end machines.  We can build the optimum machine for your specialised business.  We configure your network and provide support as required.

We are experienced in building these types of machines and will select the best possible components to meet your particular needs.

Custom Built Computers London with RepairMend

With our help you can choose the hardware and software that best match your needs and your budget.

As we use quality parts, your machine will last longer giving you better value for money.

We are always available to help you if your needs change and as we know your custom built pc, upgrades will be easily managed.

Support – nobody knows your computer better than the person who built it so any support you may require can be quickly and easily done.

We know which parts are the most reliable, provide top performance, are durable and are most cost-effective.

Your new machine will be hand assembled and designed for best performance (such as airflow).

No custom built PC will leave our workshop without being extensively tested to ensure that it is stable and running at its optimum.

All software and drivers will be updated to the latest versions available.

Our custom built computers will have the best protection available.  We will install the best possible firewall for your system.  We will also advise you on the most effective anti-malware software to be loaded.

If you want a new PC but don’t want Windows 10, 8.0, 8.1 we can build you a new machine with a Windows 7 platform or earlier operating system if that is your preference. 

Warranty for our Custom Built PCs

All computer parts purchased for computer builds come with the manufacturers warranty.  We also provide a twelve months warranty on labour.

If you are short of time now, fill in the contact form and we will contact you during the day.

Custom Built Computers London

RepairMend is located within Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

We are open 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday – 9am to 7pm.  Our usual turnaround time is same day.

UK Same Day Free Collection & Delivery

Our UK Same Day FREE Collection and Delivery is the most convenient and quickest service. While you are at your home or your business place one of our collector will come and collect your Laptop,  with high care and after mending your laptop in our London based workshop it will be returned to you the same day. For this service we do not charge extra, it all comes for free.

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